SmartFlow for Business Process Outsourcing

Intelligent Automation Platform

SmartFlow is the ideal solution for Business Process Outsourcing companies aiming to use technology to improve their ways of working. SmartFlow can help the BPO community to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction as well as provide opportunities for new business models. 


SmartFlow is the perfect digital assistant to work with your complaints team. By automating the routine aspects of the complaint handling process, complaints can be dealt with more cost effectively, in an audited, regulated framework.

Customer Experience and Outcomes

SmartFlow can manage and execute mundane, repetitive tasks, meaning your customer services team can focus on jobs requiring higher intelligence skills and human interaction, driving more value into the process. This enables BPO’s to offer improved service and value to customers.


SmartFlow is the perfect platform to help workers be more productive. By working with the person as a ‘digital assistant’, SmartFlow enables workers to complete multiple tasks in parallel. Process payments, handle complaints, find information all in real time simultaneously.

Know Your Customer 

Stringent regulatory environments make KYC a mandatory and crucial procedure for many institutions. SmartFlow can help all professional services businesses conduct thorough and accurate KYC assessments, bringing together information across multiple disparate systems to give a ‘customer on a page’ view.

Scale Your Operations 

SmartFlow provides the perfect opportunity for BPO’s to re-imagine their business models. By using automation technology, BPO’s can move away from time and material people costs, to pricing by output.

Compliance Checking

Process Monitor (within SmartFlow) can show if processes are completed correctly each and every time, providing a full audit trail. An easy to implement solution for demonstrating compliance.

Discover How Easily SmartFlow Can Transform Your Business Processes