SmartFlow for Finance

Intelligent Automation Platform

SmartFlow is the ideal automation platform for financial services clients who are looking to improve the customer journey experience.

SmartFlow has the ability to investigate data from multiple sources with intelligence and provide recommended outcomes. It can provide information in real-time from which knowledge workers can make insight led decisions.

Know your customer

Stringent regulatory environments make KYC a mandatory and crucial procedure for many institutions. SmartFlow can help all professional services businesses conduct thorough and accurate KYC assessments, bringing together information across multiple disparate systems to give a ‘customer on a page’ view.

Complaint handling

SmartFlow is the perfect digital assistant to work with your complaints team. By automating the routine aspects of the complaint handling process, complaints can be dealt with more cost effectively, in an audited, regulated framework.

Customer journey

With SmartFlow, financial services can improve their customer journey processes. Orchestrating legacy back end IT, whilst simultaneously interacting with your user interface, SmartFlow enables real-time processing of customer queries to provide better service. Mortgage applications, change of address, banking enquiries all made easy.

Learning customer macro trends

With SmartFlow, banks can run processes multiple times in a short time frame, gaining a statistically robust data sample to make observations in customer trends. Such information is invaluable in improving the underlying process.

Compliance checking

SmartFlow eases the task of meeting compliance regulations. It helps increase productivity through acting 24/7 with fewer FTE’s, improving the quality of the compliance process and increasing employee satisfaction by eliminating monotonous tasks and engaging humans in intelligent operations. SmartFlow provides 100% compliance and auditability.

Mortgage processing

With SmartFlow, mortgage providers can now accelerate the mortgage application process. Automating the various checks and requests based on set rules and algorithms, and issuing instructions to e.g. surveyors, conveyancing solicitors etc.

Discover how easily SmartFlow can transform your business processes

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