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Guaranteed Delivery and Support

Successful automation projects can deliver huge improvements in efficiency and accuracy. However, Gartner estimate that 40% of RPA purchasers experience buyer's regret.

We have planned, delivered and supported over 2000 successful banking and insurance projects for enterprise customers, helping them to achieve and exceed their business goals.

Our guaranteed support services take you on a three stage automation journey to ensure the business results you need:

  1. Discovery

  2. Implementation

  3. Support and Maintenance

12 Month ROI Guarantee

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Work with our expert delivery team to plan and deliver your project and you won’t pay for your SmartFlow licences until you have received a 100% return on investment. 


We will work with you to ensure you achieve this in 12 months or less.

Every company claims to be the best, but we are the only automation provider to guarantee your ROI!


During our unique Discovery process we create a detailed implementation plan with agreed time-frames and your expected ROI.


We work with you using tested methods, tools and our experience to:

  • Analyse your business processes

  • Determine areas where you can achieve the best results with automation, AI and decision augmentation.

  • Define project success and the steps needed to achieve it.

  • Identify and mitigate potential road blocks and problems.

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Our detailed Discovery process means that we can ensure a fast, smooth delivery process that is low on disruption and rapidly achieves the agreed business outcomes.

Our implementation team work closely with the SmartFlow development team to provide you with bespoke solutions if needed. 

We produce accessible no-code work-flows that are easily edited by your employees.

What Is It Like To Work With Maximise IT?

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"Other suppliers said our problem was too complex or hard to fix – your innovation and vision have really helped us to move forward with our operational challenges"


Continuous Improvement

After your initial delivery we continue to actively support you. We help you to identify next steps to build on your successes and increase your ROI. We provide comprehensive support helping you to improve and update your initial implementation. 

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Are We a Good Fit for Each Other?

Guaranteeing your ROI means that we only proceed with projects which will deliver significant value. We want amazing results for our customers, so we will be upfront if our solutions are not right for you.

During a free ROI assessment we work together to identify where you can rapidly create value in your business.

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