Human in the Loop

SmartFlow goes beyond traditional ‘attended automation’. As well as working with humans at pre-defined points in the workflow, SmartFlow can handle non-linear processes, enabling it to make intelligent decisions and come back to the user only when required. SmartFlow’s Human in the Loop capability provides employees with everything they need to complete tasks and make informed decisions fast.

SmartFlow Human in the Loop Used For Claims Handling

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Benefits of Human in the Loop

Unlocking potential

SmartFlow leverages human and machine intelligence. It responds to employee-triggered actions by automatically completing certain tasks to simplify a workflow. When the bots aren’t sure what the answer is they request human intervention.

SmartFlow’s rules-based automation eliminates the chances of trivial mistakes and frees up human bandwidth from repetitive monotonous tasks to higher value functions with revenue increasing potential.

Fully end-to-end process

SmartFlow functions over existing IT infrastructure, which means it can move fluidly between different programs as a human user would. It runs on local workstations, manipulating front-office programs; responding to prompts or human triggered events and flagging for human intervention when necessary.

The human is the coordinator of the workflow and can now spend less time on repetitive admin tasks and more time on adding value to the customer.

Rapid return on investments

With less time spent by humans on repetitive and tedious tasks, financial savings can be recognised immediately. And, with the extra time available humans can use their unique skills to add value to customers - improving retention and seeking out opportunities for increasing sales. 

SmartFlow has helped our clients deliver value early on, saving them millions per year and dramatically increasing productivity. 


SmartFlow automates tasks so that a knowledge worker can spin off multiple work streams at the same time, orchestrating the processes that are running and making intellectual input as necessary. Because SmartFlow understands the data, it can come back with intelligent questions or make intelligent decisions and suggestions which the worker can oversee. Discover more...

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