SmartFlow for Insurance

Intelligent Automation Platform

Everyday insurance companies receive hundreds of claim requests. SmartFlow can help reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by validating and processing claims, accurately and at speed, responding to fluctuations in market demand with ease.

New Client Acquisition

With SmartFlow reducing human input into mundane, repetitive tasks, your customer services team can focus on jobs requiring higher intelligence skills and human interaction. The fast claim settlement process and improved levels of accuracy from SmartFlow mean an altogether better customer experience.

On Boarding Customers

SmartFlow can automate the new customer joining process, filling in all the information relating to the customer from data gathered through disparate systems, matching customer identity and validating when the information meets regulatory requirements. Improving speed and accuracy.

Claims Processing

SmartFlow is the perfect solution for processing high volume claims. With its inherent ability to analyse data from multiple sources SmartFlow helps insurers aggregate and analyse data from disparate sources.

Know Your Customer

Stringent regulatory environments make KYC a mandatory and crucial procedure for many institutions. SmartFlow can help all professional services businesses conduct thorough and accurate KYC assessments, bringing together information across multiple disparate systems to give a ‘customer on a page’ view.

Fraudulent Claims

SmartFlow can review processed and fresh claims to identify missing or conflicting information based on set rules and flag issues. With intelligence built-in, it can identify potential fraudulent claims, flagging them to a human for review.

Account Management

SmartFlow can ensure all administration is processed correctly to reduce pressure on contact centres and on the human workforce. With intelligence built-in it can recommend customers discuss their insurance cover with customer services at key points e.g. when they change address.

Discover How Easily SmartFlow Can Transform Your Business Processes

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