SmartFlow for Legal

Intelligent Automation Platform

SmartFlow is the ideal automation platform for legal teams who are spending significant time on high volume work which must be completed accurately and quickly. It improves productivity by automating mundane, repetitive processes, allowing your experienced legal teams to focus on the most valuable activities.

Know Your Customer

Stringent regulatory environments make KYC a mandatory and crucial procedure for many institutions. SmartFlow can help all professional services businesses conduct thorough and accurate KYC assessments, bringing together information across multiple disparate systems to give a ‘customer on a page’ view.

Case Feasibility

Smartflow can help you interrogate data on previous cases to understand the cost and complexity of a potential new assignment.

Form Completion and Submission

SmartFlow can automatically complete standard forms. It could aggregate information from many sources into a ‘mini-database’, continuously running reports and checking for completion, building a cohesive profile within hours.


Process Monitor, within SmartFlow can show if processes are completed correctly each and every time, providing a full audit trail. An easy to implement solution for demonstrating compliance.

Unstructured Data

SmartFlow could analyse unstructured data in notes and documents and place only the relevant information into structured forms. This data could be gathered into law firm management systems, populating and exporting pre-trial CPR forms such as probate forms and notes for defendants. 

Document Automation

SmartFlow could automate business and people requests to ensure case progress and consistency across multiple systems and formats. It can intelligently manage and distribute documents and forms between the firm and its clients, tracking and chasing client’s amendments. 

Discover How Easily SmartFlow Can Transform Your Business Processes

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