SmartFlow for Manufacturing

Intelligent Operations Platform

SmartFlow is the ideal operations platform for manufacturing clients who are managing complex operations and logistics, from supply chain management to customer service to transportation of goods.

It can provide information in real-time from which knowledge workers can make insight led decisions.

Bill of materials

SmartFlow analyses complex data and reacts intelligently to changes, informing with 100% accuracy when raw materials, components and other elements are required.
By using SmartFlow, manufacturing companies will improve productivity, reduce waste and risk, thereby increasing profitability.

Logistics data automation

SmartFlow is ideal for managing and monitoring the transportation of products. It provides real-time freight tracking information across multiple carriers ensuring customers know when product will arrive. It’s intelligent and can analyse freight data and report on the best cost insurance and transit time thereby ensuring efficiencies.

Administration & reporting

SmartFlow is the ultimate platform to help manufacturers manage reports on production, finance and HR in one place. And, through its inbuilt intelligence, it can provide information in real time from which Directors and Managers can make otherwise complex business decisions. 

ERP automation

SmartFlow adds intelligence to ERP, monitoring areas such as inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable and pricing, automatically generating and distributing reports. Meaning the inventory is closely monitored 24/7 and alerts created when stock is low. It can also reorder and update the SKU ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Customer support & service desk

SmartFlow is the perfect customer service tool. It investigates complex data from multiple sources and provides ‘real time’ information to help service customer enquiries and complaints. It can send a reminder to follow up customer queries, ensuring contact is maintained and service levels accurately measured. 

Web integrated RPA

SmartFlow is the ideal solution to oversee multiple data operations across multiple sites in real-time. Its web connected system can easily monitor, access and update any changes, reducing communication time between one area of the business to another. 

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