Marketing Manager

The Job

As the Marketing Manager at Maximise IT you will be instrumental in creating the vision of how we move forward as a company. This role will lead and implement this vision for our marketing activities with a specific focus on our digital platforms and lead generation. We believe this is a great opportunity for someone to come in, utilise their experience and make a significant difference. 

Working closely with the CEO and Head of Sales you will come in and re-evaluate all things marketing, using your skills and expertise to identify the best way for us to move forward. Ultimately the outcome we are looking for is for increased engagement on our digital platforms, the generation of sales leads, and potential customers becoming clients, increasing revenue.  

This is a hands-on role, the Marketing Manager should expect daily activities to be anything from writing content for the website, analysing analytics and ROI, improving the sales funnel, creating email campaigns to attending industry shows and posting on social media. In addition, this person will be responsible for managing our Digital Marketing Executive.


 Re-evaluate all digital platforms including our website, social media such as LinkedIn and email marketing to increase engagement, lead generation and sales revenue. 

  Analyse current performance, bounce rates and using analytics to identify areas for improvement. Using this information, alongside customer insights, create a strategy to move forward. 
•  Working with the sales team to discover and understand our client’s issues, needs and motivation. Identify and implement ways to improve engagement and conversions at each stage of the customer journey. 

•  Define and create the optimal customer experience that is engaging and moves potential clients along the sales funnel, with the focus being lead generation for the sales team. Regularly evaluating this process to ensure it is as effective as possible.  

  Create engaging content for our digital platforms with consistent company messaging, detailing how our product is applicable to all the different verticals we are targeting.  

  Working with the sales team to identify large specific use cases or industries so as to understand our target audience. 


 Deliver targeted campaigns and strategic online activity, managing delivery across all touchpoints including SEO and PPC. 

•  Planning content and scheduling posts across our website and social media platforms, releasing regular company updates and industry trends. 

  Working alongside the Head of Sales to develop sales marketing materials such as presentations. 

•  Tracking of campaign performance and ROI.  

•  Managing the Digital Marketing Executive who will report directly to the Marketing Manager. 

  Nurturing sales leads to the point of handing them to the sales team. 

  Organising regular webinars with the Sales team to engage potential clients.  

  Identifying and attending networking events, representing the company and keeping up to date with our competitor’s positions and current market trends and developments. 

Key Experience & Skills

  Demonstrable hands on experience of improving digital marketing activities, with proven results in delivering increased lead generation and sales revenue. 
  Confident in evaluating existing digital platforms, identifying areas for improvement, writing content and implementing changes. 
  Ability to understand clients needs, our unique selling point and how to communicate in a consistent and effective way to draw customers into the sales funnel. 
  Experience of creating email marketing campaigns to support the sales team, focusing on future sales opportunities which have been identified. 
  Strong content creation and writing skills with the ability to produce relevant and interesting content both online and for sales materials. 
  Social media experience - understanding of best times for posting, how to create content that will reach our audience and gain traction and send people to the website.  

•  Good understanding of SEO and PPC.

The Company 

Maximise IT is an award winning and innovative software company at the forefront of the next generation of Intelligent Software Automation. Having worked in partnership with highprofile household names for over 15 years we are highly valued, respected as experts and trusted by our customers. Despite this success we still have a start-up outlook with the flexibility to embrace change.    

Our modern office is well located in Clifton, Bristol with excellent transport links. We provide our team with a professional and friendly working environment. 

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