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Welcome 2017

As one year ends it’s an appropriate time to pause for a moment and reflect on everything that has happened in 2016 and get excited about the opportunities that will come in 2017.

The office Christmas party naturally gave me a moment to look at our employees (sometimes in a completely new light!) and consider the fresh new faces that have joined Max IT, the long standing employees I wouldn’t want to do without and notice the few absent friends no longer with us.

It was a busy year, where we have moved to new offices, delivered more projects, more training courses and placed more candidates than ever before. This against the backdrop of a strange year in many ways, as potential seismic political changes have been set in motion both in the UK, Europe and further afield. We have yet to set the impact of these on Max IT but I feel confident that we can face any challenges created head on.

I am proud of what we achieved last year, the projects we delivered, the new customers we brought on board and the way we continue to deliver quality solutions that are truly transformative for our clients. I am genuinely excited for 2017 and the opportunities that it will bring, great solutions are in the pipeline for customers, existing and new. Partnerships are being forged that will enhance our propositions and enable us to do more, for more customers.

Have a prosperous New Year.


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