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Welcome to our reinvigorated website!

I felt it was time for a change so today we have re-launched our website to give our customers (and anyone else who might be interested) a fresh perspective on Maximise IT and what we do.

These are really exciting times for Maximise IT and I wanted to share some of the reasons I wanted to update our online presence:

New customers

A new customer told me that old website didn’t really cut it, they couldn’t find the information they were looking for. I knew it wasn’t being kept up to date, we just always seem so busy working on our customers needs rather than on spending time on ours; in short the old website was no longer working. I should point out we hadn’t had that feedback from our existing customers but to be fair they probably never go on our website and they already know how amazing we are anyway!

New solutions

The company has changed a lot in the last few years, from focusing on bespoke software development (which we still do J), we have broadened our offerings and now have some great solutions in some really exciting areas. Firstly we built upon the award winning DARA platform to offer to some fantastic data management solutions that will help organisations tackle any GDPR issues they may be worried about. Secondly we have a unique RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution that we call SmartFlow that has been very well received by customers to date.

New awards success

I am delighted to say we have been shortlisted in two categories at the UK IT Industry Awards for 2017. Firstly, in the Business IT Innovation of the Year for a deployment of our SmartFlow solution to a UK retail bank and secondly, in the Small Supplier or VAR of the Year award. I will be off to the finalist judging day in September to do what I can to bring home the trophies in November. We are also waiting to hear on some other awards we have entered so keep your fingers crossed.

New opportunities

To tell more people about our fantastic SmartFlow solution, Maximise IT will be attending the RPA & AI Exchange event in London next month where I will be presenting and also talking one on one with many new potential customers about how our Intelligent Automation solution could revolutionise their manual processes.

So, lots to tell people about and a new website to do it with, boys and their toys…


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