Will your job be taken by a robot?

This is a question that the media certainly seems to think we are obsessed with, closely followed by many scare stories about evils robots taking over the world!

If you have a few minutes to spare, have a look at the research completed by McKinsey&Company where you can choose from variety of jobs (very Americanized) and see the prediction of how safe your job might be. The results for actors and slaughterers show the extreme end of the scales! 

One that interested me based on the SmartFlow (the Maximise IT RPA solution) deployments we have seen to date, is what they considered possible for Customer Service Representatives. Shown below;

Based on our product I would have to challenge some of the items listed under the heading “Tasks a robot can’t do” as we have successfully completed these tasks using our intelligent automations solution

  • Respond to customer problems or complaints

  • Prepare informational or reference materials

  • Prepare research or technical reports

I am not sure that Customer Service Representatives are quite as safe as the McKinsey research would have them believe, maybe they need to consider a career in acting instead! :)