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Feeling proud

Tomorrow night Maximise IT are attending the UKIT awards at Battersea Park in London. I am thrilled that we have been shortlisted in two categories both Business IT Innovation of the Year (for our SmartFlow solution) and Small Supplier of the Year. It’s the first time we’ve entered these prestigious awards, although we have had some awards success in the past. We won the Financial Services Innovation award back in 2014 for our DARA product. And in fact we’ve been shortlisted for that award this year too! :)

Awards success, and I include being shortlisted as finalists as success, is a good time to reflect on what we have achieved as a company, developing our fantastic solutions and delivering some amazing results for our customers. As the title of this blog suggests, my overwhelming emotion is one of pride. Pride in not only what we have achieved but also in how we have achieved it.

We are not the biggest technology solutions provider around but we consistently exceed our customer’s expectations, I often use the phrase “we punch above our weight”. With some of our key customers, in particular those in the financial services industry, we are likely to be one of the smaller suppliers on their approved supplier list. But by being innovative with our solutions and taking on some pretty challenging projects, we prove our value to these customers over and over again.

My biggest source of pride in these achievements is certainly in the teams who deliver these amazing solutions/projects. I am not going to name names but they should know who they are! We have some incredible people working here at Maximise IT, from the technical geniuses who see the art of the possible when faced with difficult customer problems that need solving, to the project management teams who have to make sure we actually deliver the solutions. And of course not forgetting everyone else who, either directly by working with the customers, or indirectly by providing the vitally important support services needed to keep us running, has contributed to our accomplishments. They have worked long hours and in some cases, travelled many miles, to ensure we are successful in our endeavours.

All of this means I am already immensely proud of the team already, win or lose tomorrow night. I hope those representing the company at the UKIT awards dinner have a fabulous night and that everyone in the company feels as proud as I do.


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