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How to top 2017?

If you have read my previous blog you’ll know that in 2017 we had a pretty stunning year at Max IT all things considered but I have never been one to rest on my laurels (if you’ve ever wondered where this saying comes from check out and I am keen that we top our achievements in 2018. Although with reference to the picture above, this won't involve team skydiving.

So what does this mean? It means I want more! I want customers to add to our growing portfolio who are forward thinking FTSE 500 companies serious about using technology to achieve impressive outcomes. I want more implementations of our award winning solutions, SmartFlow*, DARA** and bespoke software solutions. I want us to do more for new customers and help our existing customers by doing more, so they can really reap the benefits of the technology they have already invested in.

I want more partners to help us reach those customers and challenge the way our solutions can be used. Fundamentally we want to help solve customer problems and have a lot of experience in doing things that others don’t seem able to. Partners can help us with translating the business needs that exist and understand how our solutions can transform an organisation. So a key focus for us in Q1 is developing alliances with new partners.

Innovation is at the core of Max IT, whether that be in our technical solutions or the commercial models we use, and it’s another thing I want us to do more of in 2018. We have some cracking developments in the pipeline and will continue with our constant review our of solution roadmaps including sessions with industry specific analysts to validate the direction we are taking. This seems especially pertinent given the industry focus on GDPR, which in case you’ve been hibernating for the past couple of years, comes into force in May 2018.

Of course given our success last year I want more awards and the good news is that we are already well on the way! SmartFlow is shortlisted for the Most Innovative Product of the Year at the renowned FStech Awards and we will find out on the 22nd March 2018 if we need more room on the trophy shelf. There are other awards activities in the pipeline but I don’t want to jinx anything by writing about them until they are officially announced.

Last and by no means least I want more people, I want to continue growing the company (we’ve got several new starters in Q1 aleady) and we continue to look for top talent. Part of attracting and retaining great people is by making Max IT a fantastic place to work, so this means even more focus on people in 2018.

I am truly excited by the opportunities 2018 will bring Max IT and would love you to get in touch in you want share the journey with us as a customer, a partner or an employee.


*SmartFlow is a unique solution that can work with a client’s existing IT systems providing a single user interface to seamlessly work through a process, collate information into an output of any kind or flow into another stage of the process. It can work with highly complex processes which need to follow defined business rules incorporating numerous data sources, even unstructured data. It will complete manual processes quicker, more cheaply and more accurately than any knowledge workers while providing 100% compliance and auditable processes adherence. In the last 12 months, SmartFlow has realised staggering business benefits.

**DARA helps clients implement their data policies across unstructured data sources including fileshares, SharePoint, email stores and more. Large organisations typically have terabytes of unstructured data, without a way of determining which files contain personal information, who in their organisation has access to the information and whether they still have a legitimate reason for retaining the information at all. With the onset of GDPR, there has never been a more important time to manage unstructured data and crucially, be able to evidence compliance. DARA Data Compliance searches across your data, identifying non-compliant files, allowing you to make informed decisions and helps you to achieve regulatory compliance.

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