We have relaunched our website!

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. The updated site includes changes to the navigation as well as an additional two sections for our team and career opportunities, on both desktop and mobile.

When the project was undertaken, we had big ideas, completely turning the site on its head and rebuilding it. From refining values and the company’s messaging, to helping users flow through a journey and not skip important content. Ensuring they found it interesting, digestible and engaging. There are also some smaller, but impactful changes, across the site which we would love for you to explore here.

Our solution was to redesign the navigation and add sections such as, who we are, what we do, why work for us. This gives our site a personal touch and helps you, as a user to warm to our brand messaging. We have also created a host of new graphics for you to have a look at, from icons to photos of us working in our office.

We have worked hard on our what we do section to ensure users understand the capability of our products, their features and benefits and how they can help you within your company. For example, our award-winning product SmartFlow has the ability to work in conjunction with humans, and reason like the human brain can. SmartFlow will incorporate an unlimited amount of data sources, even unstructured data within your business and will define processes that can be reduced from six hours to four minutes. Want to see how it’s done? Request a free demo here.

We will be updating our news and blog on a more regular basis to ensure you are kept in touch with all the new exciting things we are up to – we have plenty to tell you about!

We hope you like the changes we have made to the Max IT website and find that it reflects our forward thinking and modern approach to intelligent automation. If you have any feedback, please get in touch, we would love you hear from you.