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RPA and AI, the same but different


The terms RPA and AI quite often get used interchangeably, but do you really know the difference between Robotic Process Automation (or RPA)

and Artificial Intelligence (or AI)? And which provides a better plot basis for a Hollywood film?


The easiest way to describe RPA is as software that mimics human behavior. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is a term used to make reference to software that possess the ability to imitate a human's unique way of sensing thinking and communicating. As an example, an AI program can be taught to identify phenomena with the help of mathematical and statistical methods.

One of the key differences between RPA and AI is that RPA solutions are limited to handling rule-based work and commonly need digitized and structured inputs, although our SmartFlow solution can work with unstructured data too! RPA is now being widely used in the real-world, especially in the finance, banking, insurance and logistics industries.

For most companies, AI is still a technology that needs to be further developed to understand the business benefits it can bring, although it does lend itself to more interesting storylines for films.

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