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Why Bristol is the best place to live in the UK

Bristol - Maximise IT - RPA

At Maximise IT we are proud to be headquartered in Bristol and we are not alone in our appreciation of this fine city, in the past year alone it has been named Europe’s trendiest city in the National Geographic Traveller UK’s Cool List, number three in the Royal Mail’s list of the UK’s best cities to live and work in, it’s overtaken London as the UK’s leading smart city, and Bristol University has been ranked 9th best in the world. Not forgetting the annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta, which Maximise IT are proud members of. We asked 2 of bloggers, one Bristol born and bred, the other a newcomer who has lived in Bristol for less than a year what makes it special for them. Lynsey “I have lived in Bristol all my life, even when I was away at university it was still “home” and there are many things I love about it. To me it’s a great size, big enough to have everything you need but small enough to still feel friendly. There are great opportunities for work, education and play in and around the area. I still smile to myself every time I drive along the Cumberland Basin and see the Clifton Suspension bridge gleaming in the sunlight or twinkling in the night sky. Every August I look forward to seeing the balloons fill the sky (weather permitting) across the city as the Bristol Balloon Fiesta takes place. I love how Bristol takes its place on the world stage for so many different reasons from the innovative industrial heritage of Brunel, through to the speed of sound breaking Concorde (and the aerospace industry more widely), to becoming a Tech Hub. From a cultural standpoint we have made many contributions too and they are as diverse as Banksy and Aardman animations, just look at the joy the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail is bringing to so many families this glorious summer. Yes I am proud Bristolian and I think this city is Gert Lush!”

Wallace & Gromit

Wallace & Gromit

Jon “I only moved to Bristol in February and very soon after moving knew it was a wise decision. I had aspirations of moving to Bristol for a variety of reasons. It’s unique; Bristol has managed to keep a sense of identity. Whereas with other cities in the UK, the look and vibe of the city can be easily comparable to other cities. Bristol is also one of the top 10 happiest cities in the UK. The location; You are not that far from the sea and the nation’s capital is only a 2 journey away. While Bristol may not offer the same amount of things to do that London offers, what is does offer is a cheaper living cost with a less hectic environment. The culture; Bristol is a very arty city. Obviously it’s the home of Banksy, but the city has an appreciation for design and expression. With festivals dedicated to street art.”

Banksy - Bristol

Banksy One interesting quote from Rough Guides’ Top 10 cities article (obviously featuring Bristol);

“Today, it’s the creative and tech industries that propel this city towards the future." Would you like to find out more about a Bristol based tech company that offers bespoke software development and specialises in robotic process automation?

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