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We’re with you all the way

You may have noticed this tagline at the bottom of our webpages but I wanted to explain what it means to us and by extension what it means to customers of Maximise IT.

When we founded Max IT 14 years ago, we saw a business challenge that was as relevant then as it is today – delivering successful software projects can be difficult.

Over the years we’ve been involved in literally thousands of software projects for significant companies; small to big, easy to complex, nice-to-haves to mission critical. Customer improvements, internal efficiencies, regulatory drivers, risk mitigation, simplification, integration, divestment, ETL, automation – we’ve been there and have many t-shirts!

As you might expect, we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way:

  • Customers don’t always know what they want – and that’s ok

  • Internal politics make it difficult to get things done – we understand that

  • IT is often busy on the strategic ‘run the business’ projects and often getting to ‘change the business’ activities takes too long – completely understandable

  • Some companies outsource software development activity to a country offering ‘cheap’ day rates - we recognise the intentions behind that

  • Internal innovation is seen as the way forward – we appreciate the drivers here

Working with Max IT gives you another way forward, so what can you expect when you chose to work with Max IT on your software projects?

For starters, we don’t do the hard sell. If we think we can help you we’ll say so. If we can’t, we’ll say so too, or offer alternative suggestions. We only make promises that we can keep.

We listen to our customers and work hard to understand their needs. It’s OK to not have a complete solution in mind at the beginning of the project. Working for customers is good. But working with customers produces amazing results.

We take ownership and accountability. Give us a challenge and we go out of our way to help. Our culture is based on why we should do something, rather than why we shouldn’t.

You place your trust in us – a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We work with you to succeed, and if we see something threatening the success of our shared goal (whether our responsibility or not) we will tell you. Your success is our success.

We implement rapidly and utilise the right amount of governance for the situation. Often Agile, waterfall where appropriate, typically a mix of the two.

Working closely and in partnership with our customers is vital to software success. We get right to the heart of issues. We understand your goals. We cut to the chase. The more we work together, the more value we deliver over time – as one customer said to me recently “you often save us from ourselves!” This is the best way to produce high quality results that achieve the original goal, rapidly. The Total Cost of Ownership is lowest this way.

Expect us to offer ideas. Make suggestions and share our learnings from multiple projects. To innovate, and do things others can’t.

Max IT - RPA and Software Development

We make your software dreams come true. I’m always available for customers. Always accountable. And as we meet challenges on our journey, know that we will always have your interests at heart and work to overcome them. After all, it’s got our name on it.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what CYBG had to say about working with us and then get in touch.

We won’t let you down. We’re with you all the way.


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