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And I did walk 500* miles

Back in July I wrote a blog highlighting my commitment to walking 1,000,000 steps for Diabetes UK during the months of July, August and September.

I am glad to say I have completed this challenge! By the end of the day yesterday I had reached 1,000,000 steps

I posted regular updates of my progress on my fundraising page, some extracts are included below;

  • Argh! Holidays have made an impact, I am way behind target at 603267 steps complete as at 5th September. This means I have to go 15870 per day for the rest of the month to reach my goal!

  • Last week I was way behind where I wanted to be, but thanks to a mega weekend of walking (over 22 miles!) things are looking a lot better. With 10.5 days to go I still need to complete approx. 150,000 steps which I am confident of achieving.

  • Birthday update - with 6 days left to go I am at 914185 steps so just over 14k per day to get me to the finish line!

In the 3 months of the challenge I experienced many types of weather, obviously the heatwave we had this summer, the windy remnants of storm something or other (see the photo) and some pretty de-motivating rain but taking inspiration from Dory of Finding Nemo fame, I just kept walking! I definitely have worn out my trainers.

Reflecting back it was probably a harder challenge that I thought it would be, I was a regular walker before, but I let it slide a bit too much whilst on holiday in August which meant I need a needed a big push in the last few weeks to get across the finish line. There was never an option of giving up and I am glad it’s now over. It may not seem much of an achievement to some but it’s mine. It’s not too late to donate to my cause please visit;

Thanks for your support.


*it turns out 1 million steps for me was actually 448 miles

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