Automation and Its Impact On The Workplace

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The business world today presents challenges across all sectors, from SME to public sector. We live in a fluid economy where technology advances rapidly and those that lag behind face uncertain futures. 

People today expect immediate responses, accurate and tailored to their specific needs. This is all around us - from mobile phones, marketing information and daily interaction in the workplace. With behaviour and preferences ever changing, automation provides an intelligent solution. 

It has been demonstrated that employees are most productive when they are engaged in valuable and rewarding tasks. Automation replaces monotony with motivation. It removes the mundane and repetitive tasks to enable the worker to use accurate and timely information with clear insight to deliver solutions right first time. 

The pressures employees face to manage high volumes at speed can be intense and workplace stress is common in society, with staff absences resulting. The traditional workplace is no more. Automation and technology allows people to work flexibly, with 24 hour information which can be accessed on the move. From an employee perspective they have lower workloads, greater autonomy and confidence in their output. 

Business is highly competitive and to succeed they must keep costs in control and out-perform the competition. Automation is critical to accurate forecasting and strategy setting. It supports this by providing a platform of data analysis from which decisions can be made and operational plans can be formed. With huge volumes of data circulating, the key is for the business to work with the appropriate information providers to ensure that they are focussing on the information most relevant to them. They must constantly evolve and adjust their information and processes in line with progress demand and technology. 

Automation is beneficial to the business, the employee and the customer as it underpins the efficient, tailored service which customers demand. Advances in technology continue to move at pace and those businesses that embrace automation in the workplace give themselves the best chance of staying ahead of the game. 

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