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Employee Ownership - A New Chapter For Maximise IT

By Tony Williams, CEO and Founder, Maximise IT Solutions Ltd

With enormous pleasure I am delighted to announce an exciting new chapter for Maximise IT Solutions – our transition to employee ownership.

Employee ownership is a model used by companies like the John Lewis Partnership, with independent research showing that employee ownership delivers superior business performance[1]. Other popular companies who have chosen this model include Bristol’s own Aardman Animations and Richer Sounds.

Employee ownership aligns everyone in the company from top to bottom to the vision of making our customers successful, because we know that is how we will be successful. Crucially, this model recognises that everyone within the company is instrumental in ensuring the success of the business and therefore should have a share in that success.

Employee ownership provides an important platform from which we can grow and innovate. We believe customers, current and future will value the alignment created when each and every employee is motivated to achieve the best possible outcomes for customers. It will also help us to continue to recruit the brightest and best employees going forward, again a benefit that will filter through to our customers.

I have always believed that the commitment and attitude of employees are directly linked to the maximum value that can be delivered to customers. Success is not due just to the work of a few individuals, but to the collective efforts and contribution of all employees. The success of a team willing to go ‘above and beyond’, exponentially exceeds that which can be achieved by people ‘just doing their jobs’.

Taking this step will help Maximise IT Solutions to best fulfil its purpose: delivering maximum value to customers through the innovative use of technology, whilst also retaining and enhancing the values and culture that exist at the core of the company.

As part of this move, I am delighted to announce that David Slater will become Delivery Director, Andy Barlow joins as our new Managing Director and both will join the company Board. My role will transition to Chairman. With a brilliant, motivated team, our embedded ‘can-do’ culture and innovative technology, we stand ready to support the success of our customers now and into the future.

This is the start of a new chapter for Maximise IT, as we strive to be 25% better in all we do:

25% more trusted. 25% smarter in the way we work. 25% easier to do business with. 25% more knowledgeable. 25% more caring. 25% more friendly. 25% more effective.

To find out more about our transition to employee ownership, or to experience the Max IT difference, please get in touch.

[1] Employee_Ownership_Top_50_Infographic.pdf

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