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Attended or Unattended Automation? How SmartFlow Can Integrate with Blue Prism for the Best of Both

Here at Maximise IT we admire the path that Blue Prism have taken. From introducing the world to RPA in the early 2000’s, to it’s ongoing growth and technical investment, they are a company to be revered. With impressive valuation figures and ongoing desire to grow in the automation space, they show no sign of slowing up. Particularly in the unattended space, Blue Prism have an enviable customer list, driving significant value into organisations across the World.

Maximise IT unashamedly stand on the shoulders of what Blue Prism have achieved. The conversation about automation is mature, and many people are keen to speak to us about how we fit into the market. Our product, SmartFlow, focuses on the attended automation space, believing that augmenting humans and machines, using Human in the Loop, can drive further value into the economy.

And it’s no accident that we’ve architected our product to integrate well with Blue Prism. Our experience has shown that by focusing on the areas which Blue Prism does not, we are able to help organisations take their automation to the next level. By introducing innovative Intelligent Automation, and Human in the Loop processing, we are able to augment the capability which Blue Prism offer.

If you’re interested in how attended Intelligent Automation can help take your Blue Prism implementation to the next level, then click here to get in touch or arrange to join one of our product overview webinars. - Find out more about SmartFlow - Case Study of SmartFlow in action

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