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Supercharge Your Chatbots to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As consumers we’re all used to using chatbots in our everyday lives; whether we are researching for new insurance products, making online purchases or reporting fly tipping to the local council, chatbots are commonplace. Their potential business value is obvious; if customers’ queries can be answered through automation then there are benefits all round. But if the chatbot is too basic there can be a negative effect with customers losing trust in the company or service provider, feeling extremely unappreciated and perhaps even feeling motivated to switch.

What are your chatbots really delivering?

You might already be using chatbots to support your customer services operation but finding the investment you’ve made is not reaping the rewards you were expecting. Perhaps the chatbots capability is little more than answering FAQ’s resulting in disappointment for your customers and your service delivery teams.

Can chatbots be upgraded?

SmartFlow can help, it takes the structured and unstructured conversational flow that chatbots are built upon and integrates it through to the underlying systems. Using Intelligent Automation can augment the chatbot capability, enabling it to automatically ‘do’ the work required to fulfil the customer request in an instant.

So if your customers wish to change an address, order from a system or instigate a return they can do it via your chatbot with SmartFlow automating the workflow. Meaning your chatbot can be promoted to being a truly automated customer services representative.

To find out more about how SmartFlow can improve your chatbot capability give us a call on 08456 432360 or email

What's your industry?

Finance / Public Sector / Business Process Outsourcing / Legal / Telecoms / Insurance / Retail

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