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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The debate as to whether machines can truly replace the human in the workplace has run for many years. Of course, the argument can be flexed by both RPA vendors and workforce representatives with equal passion. In truth, the complexity of even our most simple business processes is often underestimated and the tacit knowledge built up by humans over time has a significant value which businesses need to retain.

However, a difficulty associated with harnessing this body of knowledge is that in large teams where there are multiple humans completing the same process their approach will be different, with individuals introducing shortcuts and modifying the process to suit them. These inconsistencies across a human workforce can be a problem particularly in highly regulated, or safety critical environments, where organisations strive for repeatability and consistency. Or indeed in organisations who must deliver exceptional, consistent customer service at scale.

How can SmartFlow help?

SmartFlow can help organisations to strike the optimal balance between process consistency and human ingenuity by providing ‘automation in the loop’ capability.

The data centric nature of the software means that SmartFlow doesn't just return to the human when there is a problem, exception or pre-defined point in the process, but it will help the human to be more intelligent. By following the thought process of the human, and gathering information as the human would, SmartFlow can make decisions, predictions and recommendations, all under the guidance of the employee, whilst providing an audit trail for compliance.

For many processes the 80/20 rule applies. 20% of the effort will automate 80% of the process. There might not be any RoI on automating the entire process, or any need to. With SmartFlow, the human can take care of the difficult 20%, with SmartFlow seamlessly taking care of the rest.

SmartFlow enables the perfect blend of human and machine with a far lower cost and time to implement than traditional RPA solutions.

What's your industry?

Finance / Public Sector / Business Process Outsourcing / Legal / Telecoms / Insurance / Retail

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