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Why a ‘Human in the Loop’ is Essential in Automation for the Legal Sector

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The legal sector is showing interest in automation, but is it hard for Lawyers to envisage adopting a technology into a traditional profession that might disrupt long standing processes that have been tried and tested for many years?

It seems, as a whole, that the sector has gained a good understanding of the theory behind automating repetitive tasks. However, the idea of implementation and the perceived change to business practice that it would cause might currently be a step too far. This article is intended to help interested parties envisage how Intelligent Automation might help a legal practice or internal legal department, what that change might look like and what the benefits might be.

IA – not to be confused with AI

The main point of difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation (IA) is that while AI is about autonomous workers mimicking human cognitive functions, Intelligent Automation is all about building better workers, both human and digital, by embracing and working alongside intelligent technologies.

In the legal sector, IA has the potential to free up individuals from mundane tasks, scale up operations and reduce costs. One example could be redeploying Paralegals to drive innovation by fully utilising their knowledge in more productive interactions.

Improve efficiency through automation

Can Intelligent Automation help improve your client services whilst reducing your bottom line? Whatever your legal specialism Intelligent Automation can help.

The abundance and availability of data and information is both a blessing and a curse. Paralegals are burdened with the task of analysing documents from multiple sources in multiple formats and completing forms. There comes a point where it must be overwhelming for them to maintain concentration and be consistently accurate – IA enables large-scale data analysis and therefore improved productivity and consistency for the Paralegal.

Why is a Human in the Loop essential?

The knowledge and expertise embedded within a firm’s employees are often its biggest differentiator. Client’s may select their firms based on these criteria. Technology can provide support but real people are essential to practising Law.

But, as clients demand faster, more consistent and higher quality service from firms, lawyers need to work smarter, increasing volume and speed of turnaround of tasks whilst maintaining or improving accuracy. Intelligent Automation brings value, efficiencies and cost savings to clients whilst improving the profitability of the law firm.

The business implications of adopting Intelligent Automation in law firms is huge, as firms will be able to balance profitability and innovation for client services.

SmartFlow is an IA platform that works best with a ‘Human in the Loop’. It’s ideal for law firms who are looking to provide digital assistance to both their lawyers and Paralegals. SmartFlow can be used to run mundane tasks, trawl through data in multiple formats, analyse information, complete forms and present back reports to the human who then takes the intellectual decision on how to proceed.

Many law firms are already embracing basic automation for billing and basic practice management but Intelligent Automation to improve case efficiencies is the next step.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Intelligent Automation can support legal professionals then please get in touch.

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