Winding down or spinning up?

On one hand the end of PPI is in sight, with financial institutions starting to think about the potential wind down of their programmes. On the other, human nature seems to dictate that the number of claims will increase as the public realise their opportunity will soon disappear. Claims companies are gearing up for a final push aided by the Arnie campaign. 

What many hope will be a wind down, may end up being a wind up. Many financial institutions face the prospect of having to increase headcount to cope, whilst questioning the feasibility of finding, recruiting and training people in the time available.

Automation can play a part in addressing this challenge, regardless of the maturity of your current automation strategy. At Maximise IT we’ve helped a number of financial institutions rise to the challenge of PPI over the past years. Our in depth understanding of the complexity of PPI has enabled us to manage, streamline and automate many parts of the process. By combining various aspects of automation, which goes far beyond traditional RPA, our technology follows the thought process of a case handler, genuinely augmenting their ability so that they can work quicker and with greater accuracy. 


If you’re current process is well established, but falls short of the demand you forecast, then it may not be too late to take advantage of intelligent automation to manage the final months of PPI. Contact us to find out how we can help. Simply leave you contact details and state ‘I’m interested in streamlining the PPI process’

"It may not be too late to take advantage of Intelligent Automation" 


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