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SmartFlow for Public Sector

Public sector organisations are facing greater challenges than ever before - tighter budgets, expanded workloads, shrinking workforces, increased data security and rising citizen demand.

SmartFlow can radically improve the efficiency of many departments, whilst enhancing customer experience and bringing significant cost savings. From dealing with public enquiries to speeding up administrative processes - if a workflow can be identified SmartFlow can automate it. 

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Completes Task

Manipulates Data 

Access Multiple Systems

SmartFlow Triggered

Resolution Actions Completed

Flags Outcomes to Human

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Subject Access Requests

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Data Linking

Action your SARs and meet the obligations of GDPR with minimal disruption.

Access the data from all of your systems, and realise its true value. 

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Human Resources

Automate your systematic HR processes and reduce administration costs.

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Simplify your payroll processing and ensure 100% accuracy.

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Payment Processing

Leverage the data from multiple systems to automate invoicing and payment processing.

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 DBS Checking

Automate your DBS Updates and Renewals applications.

Discover How Easily SmartFlow Can Transform Your Business Processes