SmartFlow for Retail

Intelligent Automation Platform

SmartFlow is the ideal platform for resolving customer complaints quickly and effectively. Customer interaction is incredibly important in retail, whether it be on or offline. A positive experience to encourage customer loyalty and retention is key. SmartFlow will improve process efficiency, enhancing customer engagement, whilst reducing operational costs.

Customer Management

SmartFlow integrates with any system or application and processes changes with ease. It can manage customer records across multiple systems, integrating data to provide a complete view of the customer. As a virtual worker, it processes customer requests on demand, 24/7.

Returns Authorisations

SmartFlow is the ideal customer returns assistant. It can process customer’s returns instantly, easing the admin burden for in store staff meaning they can spend more time on sales, and fulfilling online returns speedily - resulting in greater customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Loyalty Schemes

SmartFlow can manage your customer loyalty scheme. Simply define your set parameters and leave SmartFlow to automate it. With intelligence built-in, SmartFlow can highlight your best performing loyalty schemes and show you why they are working.

Complaint Management

Dealing with customer complaints effectively is incredibly important for customer loyalty. As a virtual assistant, SmartFlow will automate incident handling, providing resolution or escalating to a human when necessary.

Discover How Easily SmartFlow Can Transform Your Business Processes

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