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Process Automation Tool

Making business processes more efficient while improving accuracy, SmartFlow is an end-to-end process automation tool with advanced automated decision management. It can be used to:

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Easily manage fluctuating volumes of work

  • Improve customer service

  • Move beyond the limitations of any existing RPA "bots"

  • Assure FCA compliance

SmartFlow is a low code solution that can be quickly deployed, working with your existing systems to automate complex processes. 

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"Other suppliers said our problem was too complex or hard to fix – your innovation and vision have really helped us to move forward with our operational challenges"

- David Patterson

How Can We Help You?

Every industry has it’s own unique challenges. 

Whatever your processes & systems SmartFlow can deliver efficiency at scale.

Banking and Finance

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Process Outsourcing

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Public Sector

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Find out how we helped a major high-street bank process claims 40 times faster. Going from 4 hours with RPA, to 6 minutes with SmartFlow

Customer Case Studies

Automation Support Services - 12 Month ROI Guarantee

Every company claims to be the best, but we are the only automation provider offering an ROI guarantee.

Work with our expert delivery team to plan and deliver your project and don't pay for your SmartFlow licences until you have received a 100% return on investment.

Enabling Digital Transformation

SmartFlow enables genuine digital transformation through end-to-end automation.

SmartFlow works across your systems, building a data map of the automation process. Its ability to understand data from multiple sources without affecting underlying IT systems transforms back-end processes to optimise performance.

Video - What is SmartFlow (1m51s)

Drag And Drop – No Coding Required

We understand that you are the experts in your business and that is where you should be focusing your time and energy, that's why the SmartFlow interface is designed for ease of use by people of all tech capabilities. Our drag and drop interface is totally intuitive, it really couldn’t be easier.

That said, Maximise IT's services team are on hand, ready to provide training and support as you need it. 

Unleash The Value From The Data In Your Organisation

SmartFlow has its own unique scanning capability, we call it SmartScan. It analyses data from multiple sources, reading and interpreting the content. With its screen scraping capability, SmartFlow collects screen display data from legacy documents and displays it within the latest interface, enabling SmartFlow to analyse historic information.

Human In The Loop

SmartFlow automates processes so that employees can focus on tasks that require their judgement. Keeping the human in the loop means that employees remain involved in the process, making decisions when necessary. Able to understand data, SmartFlow makes decisions and offers intelligent questions which are reported back to the employee who can assess how to proceed.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The power of fast automation and data understanding enables machine learning, NLP and a host of other AI approaches to be applied to your data sets. The SmartFlow combination of automation and data analysis drives additional value into the business.

Enhance Your Data Strategy

SmartFlow brings together automation and data aggregation. As SmartFlow runs multiple processes across your data it builds a picture, much like a human would, only more quickly and with greater accuracy. This insight is invaluable in helping to inform your data strategy and drive value from the data you hold. 

Speed – Accuracy – Security

SmartFlow increases speed, accuracy and security enabling better decisions to be made in real-time.

Drive Additional Revenue

With greater insight into individual customers in real time, and better understanding of macro level trends across your customer base, you can drive additional value from the data held within your organisation. This enables you to be innovative and explore opportunities to add value to your customers.


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