Handle Insurance Claims 40 Times Faster

Fluctuating volumes of claims, third party involvement and the need to review complex evidence can make it hard to achieve efficient insurance claims processing. Many companies are also struggling with legacy systems and complex paper based systems. This means that organisations can easily find themselves facing increasing costs and growing backlogs. 

Fast, accurate claims handling is needed every time so that workloads can be managed effectively, and excess costs avoided.

Cut Cost Per Claim While Improving Customer Service and Reducing Fraud

​SmartFlow automates the claims process from the FNOL (First Notice of Loss) to the final resolution. It fully automates simple claims and reduces the human input required for complex ones. This means that claims handlers can handle many more cases within a day, reducing costs and making it much easier to scale operations up and down as volumes fluctuate.

For complex claims SmartFlow gathers and assesses all relevant customer data and provides the case handler with the information required to finalise the decision. This means informed decisions can be made almost instantly.

SmartFlow processing insurance claims with automated decisioning and human in the loop (1m58s)

SmartFlow helps you to:

  • Provide fast and fair customer resolutions

  • Reduce manual labour and processing cost per claim

  • Eliminate backlogs, dealing with fluctuations in volume without the need for more staff

  • Achieve 100% accuracy reducing cases with further appeals

  • Autogenerate audit trails for regulatory compliance

  • Automate electronic communications providing fast personalised customer experiences

  • Keep all systems up-to-date automatically

Insurance Claims Often Take Many Months to Close - With SmartFlow Most Cases Are Processed in Minutes

SmartFlow automates claims processing, eliminating backlogs and reducing time spent on slow manual processes. With SmartFlow even complex cases can often be resolved within minutes.



What is SmartFlow


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