How SmartFlow Fits Into Your Automation


A Light-Weight Flexible Solution for Fast Business Results

Many companies are in the process of implementing a big IT project or a business process management platform (BPM) to revolutionize their process efficiency. This is usually a long slow process involving complex requirements and migrations from legacy systems.

SmartFlow is a light-weight tactical solution which can be easily implemented for fast business results.

  • Work with any legacy systems or automations already in use

  • Connect siloed systems (no API required)

  • Process unstructured data 

  • Automate interactions with third party tools and webpages 

  • Present information clearly in a single view

  • Create and edit low/no-code drag and drop workflows retaining the flexibility to make changes as they are needed

Drag and Drop – No Coding Required

SmartFlow can be used at any stage of your automation journey, whether you are starting out looking to choose a scalable solution, or identifying how to move beyond the limitations of your existing automations.

For most companies an automation journey starts with RPA (robotic process automation) to automate simple tasks and then additional technologies are added to move towards end-to-end process automation (sometimes called hyperautomation).

Blurred Busines People

'SmartFlow provides a 'no-code' workflow orchestration platform that enables end-to-end process automation. Helping organisations to assemble RPA, business process management (BPM) and other Machine Learning applications to achieve desired business outcomes.”

Prasad Prabhakaran, Digital Transformation Specialist

Holley Holland Limited

The SmartFlow Toolbox

SmartFlow connects all automation technologies together, making everything in your process work together seamlessly.  All end-user involvement takes place in one simple to use interface. It also has out of the box capabilities for many of the typical tools used to achieve end-to-end process automation including:

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities - with attended and unattended workflows

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) to digitalize unstructured data

  • Advanced capabilities for fast accurate decision making

  • No-code workflow builder with intuitive drag and drop workflows, process capture recording & editing tools

  • Automatic generation of comprehensive audit trails to aid FCA/ICO compliance

  • The ability to link in machine learning solutions

SmartFlow is a single solution (rather than a modular offering) that can automate processes from end-to-end as a stand alone solution. It can also work with other tools in cases where solutions are already in place or where additional functionality would significantly increase your ROI.

It is easy to integrate with any systems that you are already using, whether they are previous automation projects that you are looking to enhance, or legacy systems that are still integral to your processes.


Flexible Architecture

SmartFlow has architecture options to suit your organization. It can be hosted on:

  • SQL server 

  • Cloud - using Azure Cloud Database 

  • File server

  • Stand alone


It is relatively simple to switch between these options making it easy to adapt or scale. 

Guarantee Real Business Results  -  12 Month ROI Guarantee

Every company claims to be the best, we are the only automation software provider who will guarantee your ROI.

Work with our expert delivery team to plan and deliver your project and you won’t pay for your SmartFlow software licences until you have received a 100% return on investment.

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