Handle Complaints and Customer Redress 40x Faster

Improve Complaints Processing to Eliminate Backlogs and Reduce Costs 

Complaints handling is time consuming and customer redress can be costly. With complaints from customers and claims management companies (CMCs), backlogs build quickly.


Manual complaint processing within banks requires large teams and results in significant operating overheads. Additional expense will be incurred if the process fails to meet customer and regulator demands, resulting in further appeals.

Accurate and thorough complaints handling is needed every time so that workloads can be managed effectively and excess costs avoided.

SmartFlow automates the complaints process from the initial complaint submission to the final resolution. It gathers and assesses all relevant customer data and provides the case handler with the information required to finalise the decision.

  • Reduce manual labour and staffing costs

  • Eliminate backlogs quickly 

  • Reduce risk of error with 100% accuracy

  • Ensure compliance with automated audit trail

  • Improve customer service

From 4 hours with RPA to 6 Minutes with SmartFlow 

A major retail bank were struggling with a high volume of complaints and growing backlogs.

SmartFlow enabled them to process complaints

40 times faster.


They had already implemented RPA task automation but with SmartFlow they were able to further reduce processing time for each claim from 4 hours with RPA, to 6 minutes with SmartFlow. They also increased productivity by using SmartFlow to enable claims handlers to work on 

multiple cases in parallel.



What is SmartFlow


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