Fast, Thorough Customer Onboarding with Automated AML/KYC

Enhance Customer Service and Increase Conversions with Automated Customer Onboarding 

Banks hold huge amounts of customer data in disparate legacy systems that can be difficult to access. Manually trawling through data and entering information onto different systems takes a long time. This can result in customers losing patience and poor conversion rates, as well as an increased risk of breaching regulations and receiving fines.

When done right, onboarding can give you the competitive edge. SmartFlow automates the onboarding process, including KYC and AML processes, to allow for increased conversions, a more productive workforce and 100% compliance.


  • Meets regulatory requirements with automated checks for KYC, AML and due diligence  

  • Enables digital customer acquisition, improving customer service, conversion and retention

  • Set rules to handle KYC/ AML processes accurately and consistently

  • Automated audit trail for compliance

  • Reduced staffing and operational costs



What is SmartFlow


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