Decision Management

Helping you to make informed accurate decisions in real-time


SmartFlow connects your people, processes and data for informed accurate decision making in real time. It enables fast accurate resolutions within automated processes, so that you can easily:​


SmartFlow enhances your existing processes, making it easy to make reliable compliant decisions and clearly show the evidence behind them.

Cut Case Processing Costs


Manage Business Risks 

Many processes within banking and financial services require complex decision making. Bad decisions can expose businesses to financial and reputational risk that can result in significant losses. Because of this  and legal obligations complex processes and procedures are put in place to mitigate risks and help to ensure compliance. 

Unfortunately taking necessary care often comes at the cost of efficiency. SmartFlow decision management helps to make correct, compliant business decisions in real time.

  • Base decisions on more data than an employee could reasonably be expected to process manually

  • Make decisions in a controlled repeatable way with no mistakes

  • Autogenerate an audit trail showing how the conclusion was reached 


Improve Customer Service & Retention

Customers are increasingly expecting smooth personalised experiences and fast responses. Banking and financial services customer interactions often involve complex situations which make it hard to achieve this. With many decisions requiring an understanding of multiple interdependent factors.​ SmartFlow Decisioning helps organisations to:

  • Provide fast personalised customer experiences at every touchpoint

  • Improve customer satisfaction, boosting NPS scores and improving customer retention

  • Create a smooth customer acquisition process


Decision making is often the most time consuming part of a process and staff costs are accordingly high. Employees need to collate supporting information which is often held in multiple systems, review the information and then make a decision. By including decision making technology in automations SmartFlow makes it possible to automate complex processes from end-to-end. SmartFlow processes cases 40 times faster than robotic process automation solutions by automating more complex parts of the process.

How it Works

Enhance Your Existing Processes

Employees make decisions by identifying what information is important to make an informed decision, gathering that data and reviewing the information based on a set of rules



Understand & Assess

Apply Business Rules



SmartFlow’s advanced business rules engine makes decisions using the same method that your employees do. It automates data gathering (even from documents like scans and emails). It understands relationships between data, so it can draw logical conclusions and identify likely matches.  Then it uses the same logic or formulas that your employees do to reach an informed outcome.

Human in the Loop

For edge cases where something is unclear human operatives are presented with suggestions. All  relevant data is clearly shown in a single view to help with making an informed decision quickly. Once the employee has confirmed or corrected the decision SmartFlow seamlessly resumes the automated process to action the outcome.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The power of fast automation and data understanding enables machine learning, NLP and a host of other AI approaches to be applied to your data sets. The SmartFlow combination of automation and data analysis can be used to drive additional value into the business.

Drive Additional Revenue

With greater insight into individual customers in real time, and better understanding of macro level trends across your customer base, you can drive additional value from the data held within your organisation.


This enables you to be innovative and explore opportunities to add value to your customers.

SmartFlow Decision Management Example (2m21s)

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