Decision Management

Helping you to make informed accurate decisions in real-time

Real-Time Research Backed Decisioning 

Customers are increasingly expecting smooth personalised experiences and fast responses. Banking customer interactions often involve complex situations which make it hard to achieve this. With many banking decisions requiring an understanding of multiple interdependent factors.​


SmartFlow makes it easy to make fast accurate decisions. Helping you to provide your customers with the answers that they need immediately.

  • Provide fast personalised customer experiences at every touchpoint

  • Improve customer satisfaction, boosting NPS scores and improving customer retention

  • Create a smooth customer acquisition process

Human in the Loop

SmartFlow automates processes so that employees can focus on tasks that require their judgement. Keeping the human in the loop means that employees remain involved in the process, making decisions when necessary. Able to understand data, SmartFlow makes decisions and offers intelligent questions which are reported back to the employee who can assess how to proceed.

Unleash the Value From the Data in Your Organisation

SmartFlow has its own unique scanning capability. It analyses data from multiple sources, reading and interpreting the content. With its screen scraping capability, SmartFlow collects screen display data from legacy documents and displays it within the latest interface, enabling SmartFlow to analyse historic information.

Enhance Your Data Strategy

SmartFlow brings together automation and data aggregation. As SmartFlow runs multiple processes across your data it builds a picture, much like a human would, only at an accelerated pace and with greater accuracy. This insight is invaluable in helping to inform your data strategy and drive value from the data you hold.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The power of fast automation and data understanding enables machine learning, NLP and a host of other AI approaches to be applied to your data sets. The SmartFlow combination of automation and data analysis drives additional value into the business.

Drive Additional Revenue

With greater insight into individual customers in real time, and better understanding of macro level trends across your customer base, you can drive additional value from the data held within your organisation. This enables you to be innovative and explore opportunities to add value to your customers.

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