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Insurers need to balance operational efficiency with the complexity of meeting regulatory requirements and mitigating business risks.

Departments often find themselves tied to inefficient processes and legacy systems resulting in high overhead costs and slow customer service. 

SmartFlow enables you to rapidly improve efficiency while keeping existing policies and systems in place for fast results and ensured compliance.

Process Cases 
40 x Faster 
than with

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"Other suppliers said our problem was too complex or hard to fix – your innovation and vision have really helped us to move forward with our operational challenges"

- David Patterson

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Automate Processes From End-to-End

Most insurance processes involve complex steps and human decisions. SmartFlow automates all steps including decisions.


In ambiguous situations it works with a human giving suggested answers and clearly presenting the relevant data. Doing this in real time makes it possible to reach informed decisions very quickly (e.g. while on a phone call). 

By automating more SmartFlow is able to deliver bigger cost savings and efficiency gains than competitor tools.


Insurance Use-Cases

Claims Handling

Fluctuating volumes of claims, third party involvement and the need to review complex evidence can make it hard to achieve efficient insurance claims processing. 

​SmartFlow enables fast, accurate claims handling every time so that workloads can be managed.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers want to offer their customers the most competitive deals quickly. But the underlying systems and processes they are working with are often complex and outdated. This leads to inefficient processes and rework across different systems. SmartFlow can be used to identify the best deals almost instantly with no rework.  

On Boarding Customers

SmartFlow’s automation of the customer onboarding process provides an end-to-end solution working across different systems to collect the relevant information. SmartFlow collects and enters customer data from multiple sources to validate the customer identity and complete the onboarding process. The process is significantly faster and improves customer experience.

Know Your Customer

Stringent regulatory environments make KYC a mandatory and crucial procedure for many institutions. SmartFlow can help all professional services businesses conduct thorough and accurate KYC assessments, bringing together information across multiple disparate systems to give a ‘customer on a page’ view.

Account Management

SmartFlow ensures all administration is processed correctly to reduce pressure on the human workforce. SmartFlow automates communications and policy management processes. The intelligent platform can recommend that customers discuss their insurance cover with customer services at key points e.g. when they change address.

New Client Acquisition

By handling the time-consuming repetitive tasks, SmartFlow enables your customer service teams to focus on tasks that require their intelligence and judgement. SmartFlow provides accurate reporting to support faster claims processes. Its ability to process claims accurately and quickly results in improved customer experience.

Fraudulent Claims

SmartFlow reviews processed and new claims to identify missing or conflicting information based on set rules and flag issues. With intelligence built in, it can identify potential fraudulent claims and flag them to a human for review.

IT Governance,

Risk and Compliance

As an application designed specifically for the highly regulated banking and financial services industries SmartFlow provides a way to gain the benefits of a powerful low code application without exposing the organisation to increased risk. It has features to help with

business owned workflows, data security. secure infrastructure,

audits and avoiding overloading existing IT systems

From 4 hours with RPA to 6 Minutes with SmartFlow 

Find out how we supported our client in transforming their claims process.

With SmartFlow they were able to reduce processing time for each claim from 4 hours with RPA, to 6 minutes with SmartFlow.

This led to big improvements in quality and savings of over £50 million.

100% Accuracy

40x Faster,

Compare SmartFlow with the Competition

Reduce operating costs by more than 30%

Respond to customers quickly and accurately even in complex situations

Automate whole processes & easily connect all of your existing systems

Make correct decisions almost instantly for first touchpoint resolution

Rapidly deliver verifiable

financial results

Work with your current systems to rapidly improve your processes

Easily adapt

as your business grows and changes

Guarantee your ROI 

within 12 months!


Real-Time Research Backed Decisioning 

Correct decision making is vital within many insurance processes. Factors influencing decisions are often complex with interdependencies and edge cases. This means that it is often difficult to balance effective risk mitigation with efficiency and timely customer service.  

SmartFlow makes it easy to make fast accurate decisions so that insurers can:​

  • Effectively manage business risks (e.g. credit risks/market risks)

  • Reduce overheads by cutting case processing time

  • Provide fast personalised customer experiences at every touchpoint

  • Clearly show the evidence behind decisions for compliance

How SmartFlow is Used in Banking

Take the Next Step in Your Automation Journey

Knowing how best to implement intelligent automation can be complex. SmartFlow has capabilities to help wherever you are in your automation journey. 


  • RPA and low code capabilities for a flexible and scalable first automation solution.

  • Move beyond the limitations of existing automation projects with advanced decisioning and AI capabilities.

SmartFlow links all of your systems, including any existing automation tools, for seamless end-to-end process automation. 




Secure, Compliant and Accurate

It is essential that insurance processes and systems are secure and support regulatory requirements. 

SmartFlow accesses systems in the same way your employees do so no additional security risks are introduced. It also improves security by making it harder for employees to breach internal policies and processes.

A full audit trail is automatically generated for complete transparency and FCA compliance.

Guarantee Real Business Results  -  12 Month ROI Guarantee

Every company claims to be the best, we are the only automation software provider who will guarantee your ROI.

Work with our expert delivery team to plan and deliver your project and you won’t pay for your SmartFlow software licences until you have received a 100% return on investment.

Find Out How SmartFlow Can Help You

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