Helping Insurance Brokers Provide Better Quotes Almost Instantly

Insurance brokers want to offer their customers the most competitive deals quickly. But the underlying systems and processes they are working with are often complex and outdated. 


This leads to inefficient processes and rework across different systems. For example many brokers need to enter the same information into multiple system to check offerings from different insurance providers. This slows down responses to customers and limits the number of systems which can be feasibly be checked for the best deal.  

​SmartFlow can automate insurance processes from start to finish. Information only needs to be entered once. SmartFlow then connects to third party systems to intelligently retrieve information and assess it so that the best offers can be provided almost instantly. Packages are automatically analysed against customer requirements - clearly presenting an employee or customer with the best options.


  • Provide fast, personal experiences for every customer, improving conversion and retention rates

  • Get offers from many insurers simultaneously and immediately (accessing portals and extranets with or without an API)

  • Reduce staffing and operational costs

  • Enable digital customer acquisition

  • Meet regulatory requirements with automated checks and an auto-generated audit trail.

  • Easily identify opportunities to help customers and cross-sell

Improve Customer Service and Offer Better Deals While Cutting Processing Costs

Insurance Package Offers Can Take Hours Of Work To Put Together - With SmartFlow Most Offers Are Produced in Seconds

SmartFlow automates quote gathering and customer onboarding enabling fast responses and reducing time spent on slow manual processes. 

Digital form filled in by customer


Form filled in by employee from a call 

  • Many requests are received digitally

  • Minimal manual processing

  • With digital submissions customers get immediate feedback that the form has been submitted and is being processed

SmartFlow identifies request type

Checks if they are an existing customer

Validates that all required information has been supplied and is likely to be accurate 

Automatically accesses insurer extranets 

Enters customer and broker information reading and interpreting fields in insurer portals and matching them to the information supplied using the same process a human would

  • Information only needs to be entered once

  • Can access an unlimited number of insurer systems 

  • Presents an employee or customer with anything is unclear or ambiguous and asks them to confirm 

Automatically decides which options best fit the customer needs using the same logic your employees do

Presents the best options to your employee, or can send them directly to the customer  

Once the customer has selected a package the set up is automated: 

Processing payments, policy documents, renewals and digital customer communications

  • Takes seconds

  • Makes all necessary checks in multiple systems. Searches are always 100% comprehensive and accurate

  • Can contact customer to ask for further information if needed

  • Can assess more options than an employee could reasonably be expected to review

  • Best options are clearly  presented in a single view with the option to view more details

  • Information is available within seconds

  • Records are automatically kept accurate and up-to-date

  • Process audit trail clearly shows what has happened

  • Customer communications are automated

  • Renewals can be processed automatically



What is SmartFlow


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