Understanding your data is simple

What is SmartScan?

SmartScan is intelligent software that combines data discovery, search and classification to enable companies of all sizes to control sensitive and personal data within a single platform. SmartScan automatically scans your systems providing full visibility into your organisation’s unstructured data whilst maintaining confidentiality of that data.

Why do you need SmartScan?

You may already know where most of your customer data is but we find that our clients often struggle with the ‘unknown unknowns’ i.e. where else is customer’s personal data residing in the organisation? Simply point SmartScan at your data stores and it will identify any personal data, the results can be quite surprising. SmartScan deals with the difficult data, the 'dark data' that puts your business most at risk from data compliance breaches.

In-built DSAR suite

Under the new GDPR regulations, your data subject access requests (DSARs) can be met with ease by using SmartScan’s in-built DSAR suite. From processing DSAR requests to redacting and exporting an individual’s data, it eliminates hours of manual searching and reviewing, producing a DSAR report that is 100% accurate, every time.

SmartScan and GDPR

SmartScan helps organisations meet their GDPR obligations while taking their customer services to the next level. Tedious scanning processes are automated and properly secured, allowing your team to focus
on more valuable tasks.



Identify personal and sensitive data (PII)

within your files.


Start learning about your data within a matter of minutes.


View the age, size, permissions and classification of your files

in your personalised dashboard.


Data security is our priority and we offer encryption and redaction capabilities.


Process, redact and export DSAR requests at the touch of a button.


Search across a variety

of systems with ease while they are continuously

being scanned.

SmartScan searches across

and more...

Discover how easily SmartFlow can transform your business processes

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