SmartFlow for Telecoms

Intelligent Automation Platform

SmartFlow is the ideal automation platform for the Telecoms industry, it reduces operational costs, improves efficiency and provides a superior customer experience. As a virtual assistant it could automate repetitive tasks and identify opportunities for up-sell.

Data processing & flow

SmartFlow analyses data from multiple sources and could provide insight into your customers, sales personnel, network providers and engineers; sharing information between departments and across multiple locations. SmartFlow is non-invasive and could be used alongside your existing setup, improving flow.

Customer management

SmartFlow integrates with any system or application and processes changes with ease. It can manage customer records across multiple systems, integrating data to provide a complete view of the customer. As a virtual worker, it processes customer requests on demand, 24/7.

Complaint management

Dealing with customer complaints effectively is incredibly important for customer loyalty. As a virtual assistant, SmartFlow will automate incident handling, providing resolution or escalating to a human when necessary.

Maintenance management

Inevitably things go wrong across Telco networks, SmartFlow could help by running pre-set diagnostic tests, meaning the contact centre can handle more calls without the need for escalation. SmartFlow could potentially diagnose many root causes and provide more detail to the ticket so that problems can be solved faster.

Scale your operations

SmartFlow could be flexed to meet your business demands. Repetitive manual tasks could be automated freeing up knowledge workers to focus on more important tasks, enabling your business to scale and respond to market situations, growth and temporary fluctuations in demand.

Account management 

SmartFlow could ensure bills and invoices are processed correctly to reduce pressure on contact centres and on the human workforce, freeing up time to focus on revenue generation. With intelligence built-in it could recommend customers discuss their tariff with a sales assistant.

Discover how easily SmartFlow can transform your business processes

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