Case Study
Unstructured Data

Big 4 bank - Unstructured data management.

Working with a large client to tackle a very challenging issue, in this case with a well-known high street brand involving big, unstructured data. Our client recognised the difficulties they were facing with information security and controlling the risks that might cause them to breach the Data Protection Act. With risk and compliance being the main driving forces, we initiated the development of a solution that would provide an in-depth and multi-faceted insight into unstructured and mismanaged data held on their file servers.

With the continuing growth of their data came file server stability problems, performance issues, data storage limitations and increasing associated management costs. Controlling risks associated with data protection and data retention regulations, enforcing internal policy and regulatory compliance, identifying access permissions and securing information from potential misuse were just some of the challenges that were faced on a daily basis.

Our Solution

Our Solution

The ultimate goal was to provide the client with a system powerful enough to work consistently across their vast quantities of unstructured data, enabling them to increase governance and compliance, exploit the existing data and discover better ways of managing it. With an easy to interpret graphical user interface, the software provided the user with an instant 'visualisation' of the data held on the file server. This enabled the client to see the overall landscape of the shared drive and identify risks that may not have been evident before.


We provided the client with a clear understanding of where files and folders are located, what type of information they hold and who has access to classified information. This was a critical part in helping them to manage their risk and achieve data governance and compliance.

 "We didn't realise 8000 colleagues had 
 access to this data!"

The Results

100% Reduction
In backup restores due to missing files.
100% Reduction
In this category of support calls.
100% Reduction
In duplicate data being created from restores.

Mitigating Risk
In aid of avoiding potential fines of up to £500,000.
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