Customer Focused Mortgage Loan Origination with Optimised Processing

Manage Mortgage Applications with Speed and Accuracy for Improved Customer Experience and Compliance

Mortgage application processing is complex, consumers have varied needs and circumstances that need to be evaluated. Credit risk needs to be carefully managed and regulatory requirements met. Coronavirus has added to the pressures that mortgage providers face with changes to interest rates and UK stamp duty increasing demand. 

Providers need to manage risks carefully to avoid financial losses and regulatory fines, but this can result in high overheads and slower customer results. Slow and inefficient processes lead to poor conversion rates and reduced customer loyalty, as well as quality issues that increase the risk of loan defaults and regulatory fines.

SmartFlow automates the mortgage process to allow for increased conversions, a more productive workforce and 100% compliance.

  • Provide fast personal experiences for every customer
    Conduct thorough credit checks quickly
    Reduce staffing and operational costs
    Reduce the risk of defaults
    Enable digital customer acquisition
    Improve customer service, conversion and retention
    Auto-generate an audit trail for compliance
    Easily identify opportunities to help customers and cross-sell

Manually Processing Mortgages Often Takes Days - With SmartFlow Banks Can Process 

Mortgages Within Hours

Issuing a mortgage often takes days and can sometimes take several weeks.

Banks using SmartFlow can issue most loans within hours, freeing up employees to focus on difficult cases and add value where it matters most.  




What is SmartFlow


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