Working with us

What happens when you engage with Maximise IT to implement SmartFlow into your organisation?

This is a typical SmartFlow Engagement Process...

The Beginning

   How will you come to talk to us in the first place?

   There are a few different ways the story can begin such as:

  • You have approached us to hear more about SmartFlow

  • One of our partner organisations has introduced us

  • You have been referred to us by an existing customer

First Meeting

When we meet for this first time, we will show you what SmartFlow can do, using demos of the solution and by telling you about recent relevant use cases. We will showcase our multi award-winning technology and give you the chance to ask as many questions as you like.


A key objective of this meeting is for us to understand what you are trying to achieve with SmartFlow, fundamentally to know what problem you are trying to solve, what pain point you are trying to relieve and what success would look like to you.


Once we have identified that there is an opportunity to implement SmartFlow to exceed your expectations, the real work begins!

First Engagement

We usually start small with a study to help you build the business case. The study will identify a range of potential financial and non-financial benefits that can be realised, such as the potential time savings SmartFlow can bring to your processes. Also, we consider how the costs of implementation would be recovered to achieve your desired ROI.


Sometimes we complete a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate that SmartFlow can interact with your specific systems and/or data. This may lead to a demo of a mini SmartFlow showing connectivity to a targeted system and including retrieval of appropriate data and output to the desired format.


At the end of this phase, we will have identified the best approach for your SmartFlow implementation and the appropriate next steps.

First Implementation

You may have heard the expression about eating the whole elephant and we have found that an iterative approach to SmartFlow works bests for most organisations, of course if it looks like the big bang approach would give the best results and is what you want, then that is certainly feasible too.


We can automate a whole process end to end from the outset, but most of the time, we start with automating a few key elements of your process - the ones that are the most time consuming or prone to error - this is usually a good place to start.

We find that the business benefit from this first phase of automation unlocks the monetary savings that can fund the next phase of automation and so on, until we have automated as much of the process as it makes sense to do so. We do not automate for the sake of it and always want to be sure that the benefits are supportive of the costs for each phase.

​(Not) The End

Once your SmartFlow solution is in place, we can continue on the journey with you through a range of ongoing support options, tailored to suit your business requirements.


Of course we will be ready to begin the journey with you again on your next SmartFlow implementation to enable you to unlock even more business benefits. Alternatively, we can begin a different journey using our other innovative software solutions.

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